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Comvita unveils special reserve UMF 25+ Manuka Honey

Image source: PR Newswire

The Special Reserve UMF 25+ product will retail for NZD$645

New Zealand based Comvita, the global leader in Manuka Honey, has recently launched its limited-edition Special Reserve UMF 25+ (MGO 1200+) Manuka Honey, carefully collecting some of the world’s rarest honey to create a moment of delicious pleasure that connects people to the power of nature.

As part of the launch, Comvita invites consumers to become part of its newly established global OneHive movement. The OneHive movement will connect discerning consumers from around the world and empower like-minded people to share and contribute to Comvita’s passion for (and desire to protect) our natural environment, enabling them to come together and make real and lasting change.

Comvita will be dedicating 10 per cent of all profits from the sale of Special Reserve UMF 25+ direct to environmental causes nominated by the OneHive Community – further cementing, through action, the company’s firm and lasting commitment to this newly established movement.

The Special Reserve UMF 25+ product will retail for NZD$645, and can be purchased online via the Comvita virtual store.

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