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Ariel launches series of high-quality nutrition products

24 March 2020 | News

Lactoferrin is a natural and multifunctional core immune protein found in human and bovine milk

image credits: ariel

image credits: ariel

Ariel (an expert in mother and baby nutrition in Australia), a brand founded by Australia Origin Biotechnology PTY Ltd (OBP) that is specializing in nutritional supplement industry, has launched a series of high-quality products including formulas with Lactoferrin. These products are well loved and believed not only in Australia but also in East Asia.

Lactoferrin is a natural and multifunctional core immune protein found in human and bovine milk. Every 14kg of milk can only extract 1g lactoferrin which is extremely precious. So it is known as "Milk Gold" because of the high extraction technology requirements. Lactoferrin has a broad-spectrum antibacterial effect against viral infections in both infants and adults. That is also the main reason why Ariel Lactoferrin is popular with consumers globally.

With the continuous improvement of consumers' health awareness, more parents are willing to feed their children dairy products containing lactoferrin as a dietary supplement in order to enhance their immunity.

All of Ariel's ingredients come from Australia's renewable resources, pollution-free natural pastures. Ariel's products are manufactured complying with strict GMP standards; in addition the manufacture is certified by the Australian Medicines Board (TGA).

What's more, the full range of Ariel formulas was developed by the Life Health Big Data Research and Development Center established by the OBP, and the upgraded patent formula won the patent award.

For the products of Infants health, the design concept of the formula plays a vital role. Ariel's formula contains not only "intelligence factor" of bird's nest acid, but also "immune factor" IMMUNOGLOBULIN IGG. Compared with similar products on the market, Ariel's three formulas build a pyramid of protection to enhance the body's immunity, with natural broad-spectrum anti-infection and promote iron absorption and other practical effects. It can help babies enhance immunity, digestion, prevent baby iron deficiency anemia, promote brain development, improve infant intelligence and memory, and effectively prevent the corresponding infectious diseases.

In addition, Ariel continues to be a consistently demanding character, with a standard degree of control over the details. From the production to the terminal, automatic production and integrated transport effectively reduce the possibility of contamination in the transport and packaging process, ensuring the quality of products.

As a nutrition support brand that integrates nutrition technology into natural life, Ariel is known for its high quality, professionalism and reassurance. It has always focused on nutrition and health research for infants and young children. Since entering the market, Ariel has received numerous praise for her efforts and has provided the safest security, health and nutrition for countless consumers.


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