Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Non-GMO Reb D Stevia Leaf Sweetener gets approval in Australia, NZ

12 September 2019 | News

BESTEVIA Reb D is a non-caloric, high-purity stevia sweetener with a clean, sugar-like taste

image credit- istock.com

image credit- istock.com

US based sweetener company SweeGen has announced that Food Standards Australia, New Zealand (FSANZ) has assessed and approved BESTEVIA® Reb D Stevia Leaf Sweetener for use as a food additive in Amendment No. 187 issued on September 5, 2019.

After performing a detailed safety evaluation, FSANZ amended the current specification for Rebaudioside D under the Australia and New Zealand food standard code to include SweeGen's BESTEVIA Reb D, produced through a unique, stevia leaf - based bioconversion process. In the beginning of 2019, FSANZ approved the company's non-GMO sweetener BESTEVIA Reb M.

BESTEVIA Reb D is a non-caloric, high-purity stevia sweetener with a clean, sugar-like taste that can replace high amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners in beverages, dairy products, bakeries and nutritional foods, amongst many other applications.

The world-wide trend towards clean and simple nutritional labels supports the use of nature-based, non-GMO, sustainable ingredients, like SweeGen's BESTEVIA Reb D. Food and Beverage manufacturers are already reformulating and launching products to reduce high sugar contents with the company's Reb M sweetener. Now they can use a variety to find the right stevia leaf sweetener for every application.   

SweeGen just launched BESTEVIA® TASTE SOLUTIONS, an enhanced sweetener portfolio. The company's product development team uses proprietary modulators and mouthfeel components together with its stevia sweeteners to enable a full sweet taste experience.



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