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Powershot unveils latest creation Cele Fooz

24 June 2020 | News

Cele Fooz is filled with a combination 24 types of natural extracts

Thailand based Powershot, a leading brand in advanced dietary supplement, is a pro when it comes to creating innovative dietary supplements for the new generations. Recently, it launched its latest creation Cele Fooz, which is filled with a combination 24 types of natural extracts, with the goal to rejuvenate the cells, increase oxygen in blood, and generate overall improved health, skin, brain and immunity.

The brand is considered as the world's first to produce the easy-to-consume, functional supplement Cele Fooz that combines vitamins, nutrients and amino acids from 24 natural extracts, including Seabuckthorn Extract, Alfalfa, Elderberry Extract, Cordyceps Extract, Chlorella, Reishi Extract, Spirulina, Acerola Cherry, Fructooligosaccharide, Yamabushitake, and others within a single product.

As a result of its effort, Cele Fooz now brings a perfect, winning combination that aids the efficacy of nutrients in the cell and telomere rejuvenation.

In creating food for the future for the health-conscious generation, Powershot takes great care in selecting finest natural ingredients and hi-tech production to best respond to people's needs. Powershot has already crafted and introduced two products to the market: Hi Powershot, a dietary supplement vitamin which comes in a satchel and can be taken right away without water, and Power Protein, a 100% natural protein for those who are allergic to whey protein.

Now, with Cele Fooz, Powershot highlights the art and science of pairings of vitamins, amino acids and nutrients, which have long received worldwide attention. It has researched extensively according to this principle to design supplements that can best respond to the various needs in people's health and lifestyle who wish for a nutritious alternative that is 100% natural.

Potjana Jitawatanarat, MD Graduated as hematology and medical oncology from Roswell Park Cancer Institute, NY, USA, said that the purpose of finding the perfect pairing is to maximise the benefits of these nutrients' properties, while also preventing excessive intake that may leave undesirable results and residue in the body.

"In a society of fast-paced and busy lifestyle, many people may not be able to get all the necessary nutrients from their diet alone despite the wish to be healthy. For convenience, they resort to dietary supplements, which can be useful to their body if they take the right dosage that suits their needs. A good pairing can also maximise their potential in order for consumers to get utmost benefits. Cele Fooz is considered a supplementary product providing them with utmost convenience. It is also contain up to 24 natural extracts that utilised the concept of vitamin pairing, which is beneficial to the body," said Potjana.

Taking the best care of one's health while also factoring convenience and safety sees many people turning to the art of nutrient combination or vitamin pairing to make the most out of the nutrients and vitamins they consume. And with Cele Fooz, the best selection has already been made by health professionals on how different pairings complement one another, which can help to maximise absorption and boost the efficacy of supplements.


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