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Taiwan develops sensor to quantify food allergens within 2 minutes

13 January 2021 | News

The app can track users' records and provide personal diet suggestions

Image source: PR Newswire

Image source: PR Newswire

The biochemical company Taiwan User-Friendly Sensor & Tech has developed the Test Food Allergen Detection System (TADs), a connected sensor that can quantify allergens in food within 2 minutes and store, analyze, and share that data with users through the dedicated app.

The app can track users' records and provide personal diet suggestions. It also serves as a food map that allows consumers to locate gluten-free restaurants and tested products.

Food allergies affect more than you think

"Currently, we want to solve the problem of food safety, especially in the realm of food allergies. Why? Because every 3 minutes in the US, a person is sent to the emergency room due to food-related allergic reactions, and these people spend over 25 billion USD on healthcare every year," said Taiwan User-Friendly Sensor & Tech Founder Leo Chen.

Chen said as one of the criteria for using the claim "gluten-free," the FDA set a limit of less than 20 ppm of gluten. The main point of triggering a food allergy depends on the accumulation of allergen in the body instead of the concentration in single ingestion. 68% of people shop for gluten-free foods at three or more stores per month, and 55% of people spend 30% or more of their grocery budget on gluten-free foods.

Quick and easy analysis of the food data using AI modules

The TADs app shows the test results of the device, analyzes the data using AI modules, and stores the results in the cloud. TADs allow food processors and food ingredient suppliers to control the quality of their products by testing and uploading the latest information within a short time. By analyzing customer information through the app, they can also achieve precise marketing. 


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