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Quorn Mycoprotein builds muscle twice as fast as milk protein

05 August 2019 | News

Quorn® announces a breakthrough study spotlighting the effectiveness of Quorn®Mycoprotein in muscle growth.

Quorn®, the world leader in meat-free food has announced new findings from a breakthrough study at the quadrennial Asian Congress of Nutrition 2019, revealing that Quorn® Mycoprotein, the protein-rich food source that is unique to Quorn® products, stimulates resting and post-exercise muscle growth to a greater extent than milk protein - including whey which is commonly found in popular protein shakes - making it perfect for everyday life, sport and exercise. 

The comprehensive study, led by the University of Exeter, was conducted on 20 young men, and each of the men, who were all fit and healthy, did a weightlifting exercise with their legs. They drank one of two types of protein and had their muscle-building tracked. The results showed that, after drinking the Mycoprotein supplement, muscle growth was found to be more than 120 per cent faster than without any added protein. At the same time, growth was only 60 per cent faster if the men had been given the milk protein. 

This latest study builds upon existing research that Mycoprotein is easily absorbed by the body with protein quality being just as good as milk, which is considered the nutritional gold standard. Quorn® and its novel Mycoprotein products continue to gain popularity in Singapore and around the world, due to its nutritional profile and potential in the area of disease prevention (cholesterol, obesity, diabetes), sports performance and healthy aging. This is especially important in Singapore, where 1.7 million citizens were found to be susceptible to developing diseases related to obesity, such as heart diseases and diabetes, according to a national study by the Health Promotion Board.  

Made from a natural fungus that grows in the soil, known as fusarium venenatumMycoprotein represents an alternative dietary protein source which, compared with animal-derived sources, imposes a significantly lower environmental burden. Producing Mycoprotein uses 90% less land and water than producing some animal protein sources. Studies have also shown Mycoprotein to be nutritionally high in fibre and low in saturated fat. In Singapore, where there is already a long-standing cultural precedence on the consumption of traditional dishes containing natural fungus, including snow fungus and black fungus in soups, Mycoprotein makes a perfect complement as a sustainable and nutritious protein option for the local population.



Long before today’s Silicon Valley firms even caught wind of the meat-free movement, Quorn® has already been investing in its novel Mycoprotein products, conducting rigorous research and development to establish Mycoprotein as a nutritious protein source with multiple health benefits, a more sustainable impact on the environment, and the versatility to complement and enhance the flavours of dishes and cuisines across a diversity of cultures. 

As the meat-free movement continues to gain momentum, other plant-based brands are facing increasing scrutiny by regulators worldwide, raising safety concerns due to their use of GMO or carcinogenic ingredients, as well as aggressive or misleading marketing techniques. Quorn® remains committed to transparency and comprehensive scientific research, and its products are GMO-free and sustainably sourced from farm to fork. 

Quorn® brings over 30 years of success in producing meat-free products, with more than 5 billion Quorn® products sold worldwide to-date. The brand launched in Singapore in 2017 and has continued to gain traction with consumers, especially as they become increasingly aware of the negative impact of a meat-heavy diet on health and the environment. In Singapore, Quorn® is entering into more partnerships with leading food establishments including 4Fingers, The Soup Spoon, Ichiban Bento and Rebel Sandwiches, serving up a range of tasty, healthy and sustainable options that cater to the increasing number of consumers who want more alternative protein choices and are embracing the flexitarian lifestyle. 

With its scientifically-documented health benefits, versatility as a food ingredient and environmental sustainability, Quorn® is well positioned to fill the gap in the diets of people in Singapore and Southeast Asia, driving the future of food for the planet.




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