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Korea unveils probiotic derived from kimchi and garlic postbiotic

01 September 2020 | News

Jung's Laboratory of Immunology's newest product is not the simple probiotics since it has been supplemented with garlic postbiotics

Image credit- prnasia

Image credit- prnasia

Jung's Laboratory of Immunology in Seoul has released its newest probiotic product, 'Kimchii'.

Immunity induced by lactic acid bacteria is not due to the bacterial cell itself, but rather due to the metabolic products accumulated inside the cell. Recently the term "postbiotics" has been widely used in scientific journals. A technique has been developed  to immobilize the lactic acid bacteria through heat-treatment in order not to allow the leak of metabolites. Most lactic acid bacterial products are the combination of several species of simple probiotics. Jung's Laboratory of Immunology's newest product is not the simple probiotics since it has been supplemented with garlic postbiotics.

Combining a soft sweet taste with special pungent smell and the most suitable nutrients to match the microorganisms in spices such as ginger, onion, green onion and traditional fermented foods like kimchi and bean paste, the product is an easily consumable probiotic for anyone.

Jung's Laboratory of Immunology has patented 3 strains related to South Korea's new type of probiotics, 'Leuconostoc kimchi MB1220', 'Lactobacillus plantarum MB01', and Leuconostoc citreum MB1221'

Using the patented kimchi probiotic with garlic, the garlic postbiotic Allicin can help block the spread of pathogens and fight various disorders by lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Aside from being a strong sterilizer and antibacterial, the product is also effective in improving circulation, digestion and cancer prevention. 


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