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GM Pharm launches health products on Rakuten

25 October 2019 | News

Introducing Pro Biotics for Women, rTG form Omega-3, The Folic for Daddy and The Folic for Mommy a popular Korean health functional food supplement brand

GM Pharm, a popular Korean health functional food supplement brand famous for their probiotic, omega 3 and folic acid productshave stated their plans to launch their products on Rakuten, a Japanese online sales market place.

Rakuten is one of the largest of its kind in Japan, and GM Pharm has high hopes to prove the popularity of Korean health functional products in Japan.

GM Pharm consists of medical researchers and pharmacists who focus on developing, producing and selling health functional food suppliments, and has a track record of being selected as the top health functional food supplement brand in 2019. It also has maintained its position on the top 10 list of commonly searched terms in popular portal sites in Korea.

rTG form Omega 3 uses KD Pharma's (a German pharmaceutical company), techniques to extract 3rd generation omega 3 with high purity levels and absorption rates. Omega 3s are extracted from fish and ocean creatures, and the type of animal it is extracted from determines its quality and concentration level. KD Pharma's concentrated fish oils have been proven to be free of heavy metals or other oceanic impurities.

'The Folic for Daddy' and 'The Folic for Mommy' is also proving to be popular for expecting mothers and fathers, while 'The Pro Biotics For Woman'which uses patented antimicrobial strain against vaginitis pathogens, introduces probiotics perfectly fit for asian woman.

GM Pharm is also launching other various food supplements beneficial for the health of infants, small children and adults alike.


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