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TCI Japan found new ways to keep probiotic alive at room temperature

28 June 2021 | News

High counts of live cultures can be kept alive in the drinks for 18 months even at room temperature.

Image Source: en.prnasia

Image Source: en.prnasia

After 20 years of research and development, TCI JAPAN's SCIENCE OF PROBIOTICS finally broke through the existing limitations and found new ways to create quality probiotic beverages with high CFU counts that can be safely stored at room temperature.

According to research, it is by colonizing the intestinal tract that lactic acid bacteria can exert their effect on intestinal regulation. Currently, many lactic acid bacteria beverages or lactic acid bacteria preparations for intestinal regulation are formulated with lactic acid bacteria isolated from the human intestine to enhance the colonization in the human body. However, these probiotic products often fail to fully exert the effect because the live cultures in the products can be killed before consumed by humans due to improper storage whereas only live probiotics are able to colonize the intestinal tract and improve the intestinal environment. Food scientists have developed products containing lactic acid bacteria in a variety of product forms, such as beverages, tablets, and powders, in an attempt to enable the "good" bacteria to stay alive in storage so that they are more likely to bring about health benefits in the human gut.

TCI Japan's SCIENCE OF PROBIOTICS is the first in the industry to announce its development of a new patented process where high-efficiency fermentation technology is used to infuse into each tiny glass bottle of drink with 100 billion live probiotics, roughly equal to the total probiotic count in ten bottles of common lactic acid bacteria drinks. Moreover, using its cutting-edge technology, high counts of live cultures can be kept alive in the drinks for 18 months even at room temperature. This epoch-making technological innovation not only solves sellers' difficulties in probiotic storage but enables consumers to enjoy high-potency, quick-acting and long-acting probiotic beverages. In the modern age with increasing consumer awareness, Japan takes the lead in the health food industry in Asia and has successfully utilized scientific research and development to make truly good products.


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