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China's Dairy Giants joins Lamipak for Carton Sustainability Development

02 July 2021 | News

Lamipak working closely with Yili, Mengniu, & other organizations of bringing a circular economy for aseptic packaging closer to reality.

Image Source: lamipak

Image Source: lamipak

Lamipak, a producer of high quality aseptic beverage carton that provides the best value solutions to its customers, also a member of CRIC and ATCRR, took part in a launch ceremony of a collaborative body which was set up to further promote beverage carton recycling through a wider collaboration of full recycling chain during the 7th China Renewable Resources Recycling Industry Conference. The name of this collaborative body is “Collaborative Body of Beverage Carton Sustainability Development”, and its current members include Yili, Mengniu, 5 beverage carton producers, and 14 recycling plants. As part of this collaboration, Lamipak will keep on working closely with other companies and organizations of bringing a circular economy for aseptic packaging closer to reality.

Lamipak has been frequently collaborating with all members on the implementation of the EPR program since it joined CRIC in May 2019. In addition, it is also contributing its own efforts towards sustainability by continually developing more innovations in environmentally friendly products such as its LamiNatural packaging and paper straw products. At the same time, Lamipak is currently planning a pilot recycling project via the CRIC’s platform. Under the guidance of CRIC, an increasing number of companies are joining together towards building a more sustainable future. Vincent Wang, Project Manager of Lamipak, said “It is a privilege to be working with such influential companies and organizations at ATCRR and CRIC. This event is a very important step in building a closed-loop circular economy, and I am excited to see what we can achieve through this wider collaboration of full recycling chain.”

Lamipak is a well-established global manufacturer and service provider of aseptic packaging. Ranked amongst the top tier companies in our industry, Lamipak has continued to maintain this position by putting their clients first and reacting quickly to their requests.


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