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Farmmi to expand its brand presence and revenue growth

12 August 2019 | News

As part of the effort, the company is testing two brick and mortar stores using its Farmmi Baba brand

Farmmi, Inc. a leading agriculture products supplier in China, has announced it is testing offline stores to expand its brand presence and revenue growth.  

As part of the effort, the company is testing two brick and mortar stores using its Farmmi Baba brand.  The initial brick and mortar stores are located in Hangzhou in the Puyan agricultural market in the Binjiang District and the Dinghai agricultural market in Jianggan District.

Yefang Zhang, Farmmi's Chairwoman and CEO, stated, "We are always working to increase brand awareness of our e-commerce platform and seeking to expand our profitable growth.  As has been seen in other product categories, physical stores can play a hand-in-hand role in the success of online e-commerce platforms as consumers can gain higher confidence by seeing and trying products before buying.  In our case, we are able to open a physical presence on a very cost effective basis because the stores we are testing are located in agricultural markets rather than higher priced shopping malls.  The location suits us well because it is a natural location with built in customer foot traffic for the agricultural products Farmmi specializes in providing.  We are optimistic about the potential for physical stores but will be conservative in our expansion plan in order to limit our potential financial exposure."

Farmmi's brick and mortar stores will initially feature Sanpin Yibiao agricultural products and a variety of fresh vegetables.  Sanpin Yibiao agricultural products are high-quality geographical indication products that are organic, pollution-free and environmentally friendly.  While these products have typically been reserved for high-end consumers, the stores will increase access to a broader base of consumers. 


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