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Kerry launches campaign featuring insights from top chefs in Asia

30 October 2020 | News

Kerry’s campaign is designed to introduce product developers to the depth and deliciousness of clean label umami and kokumi ingredients

Image source: Kerry

Image source: Kerry

Ireland-based Kerry has recently embarked on its Explore Umami and Kokumi campaign, an initiative that invites food product developers to access the company’s extensive resources on these two intriguing tastes. The components of the campaign include a research report that explores umami trends in Asia, as well as articles that explain how umami and kokumi work synergistically to deliver authentic, complex, multidimensional, preference-driving taste in the most memorable way possible.

In addition, Kerry has announced that it has developed a new, industry-first taste lexicon for umami and kokumi, as well as a leading portfolio of clean label solutions in this space.

Redefining Umami: An exploration of umami and flavor-building is a research report that talks to chefs across Asia to gain their leading-edge perspectives about consumer taste preferences and hot trends in their culinary space. Four key areas were identified: a move toward taste complexity; consumer acceptance of sour, bitter and umami tastes; increasing call for holistic taste experiences; and reduced public acceptance of processed, industrialized food production.

Umami — also known as the fifth taste — elevates, enriches and improves succulence, while kokumi brings depth, the fullness of the mouth and richness.

In addition, Kerry created a taste lexicon for the savory category by developing a glossary of terms that includes a list of descriptors, definitions and references to describe the full palette of these tastes.

Kerry’s industry-leading, clean label portfolio of umami and kokumi solutions has resulted from innovative research that developed over time using the company’s rich heritage in fermentation and its long-established culinary-focused culture.


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