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Nestle Wins Two Awards at the 14th China Nutrition Science Congress

23 September 2019 | News

Displays nutrition innovation and scientific research achievements aiming to address the high malnutrition rate and high obesity rate in school-age children globally

Photo credit: 1000 Logos

Photo credit: 1000 Logos

Nestle actively participated in the "14th China Nutrition Science Congress & the 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition and the 2nd Global Chinese Nutrition Scientists Conference" held from September 20 to 22, 2019 in Nanjing. The Organizing Committee of the conference awarded the Science and Technology Progress Award and the Nutrition Contribution Award respectively to the "Chinese Children's Nutrition and Health Education Project - Nestle for Healthier Kids Program" (hereinafter referred to as "Nestle for Healthier Kids Program") and the "Nestle Nutrition Institute", highly affirming Nestle for its contribution to China's nutrition and health.

"Nestle for Healthier Kids Program" is an initiative started by Nestle Group in 2009 to promote children's nutrition, sports and health education. The program aims at the most complicated challenge among school-age children in the world: the high malnutrition rate and high obesity rate. By disseminating advanced and authoritative knowledge of nutrition and health to youth, it strives to help children establish a healthy eating habit and improve their physical fitness. In May 2010, the program was officially launched in China with the exclusive support of Nestle and led by the Chinese Society of Nutrition. By 2018, the program had benefited 5.5 million children. In the future, Nestle will continue to reduce sugar and salt content, increase the amount of vegetables, vitamins and minerals in its children's food, and impart nutrition knowledge and recipes to children's parents and feeders to promote a healthy and active lifestyle in them, and further to contribute to the goal of helping 50 million children around the world to lead a healthier life by 2030. 

As a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, Nestle Nutrition Institute promotes the concept of "devoting to scientific research and improving human nutrition" by sharing science-based information and education. The "MING" (Maternal Infant Nutrition Growth) Research jointly completed by Nestle Nutrition Institute, Peking University and Nestle Research and Development Center is China's first large-scale dietary pattern and nutritional status survey covering a large sample size of healthy people in the early 1,000 days of life. It has conducted a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the nutritional components of breast milk in China and has published 36 research papers in well-known academic journals at home and abroad. In view of the extensive influence of the Ming research's results and its significant positive impact on the nutritional health of women and children in China, Nestle Nutrition Institute won the Nutrition Contribution Award at the conference.

At this conference, Nestle showcased its whole life cycle nutrition concept and innovative products, including "Gerber" organic baby food for the first 1,000 days of life, Wyeth "BabyNes" baby nutrition system, "NAN" breast milk fortifier, "Yi Yang" and "Jia Shan" nutrition series for healthy aging of the middle-aged and elderly, the "Garden of Life" organic dietary supplement series leading modern healthy life concept, and the FSMP series for medical nutrition support. At the same time, several innovative products introduced by Nestle Incubator were displayed at the conference, such as Xiaochuhu Mengmeng Cocoa Cake, Dried Fruit Cake and Freeze-dried Yogurt Bar, and Muscle Hunt High Protein Water. The nutrition concept of these products was affirmed and recognized by experts present.

Nestle also fully supported two sub-forums in the maternal and infant field and the middle-aged and elderly field, with the themes of "Research Progress and Application of Breast Milk Oligosaccharides" and "Multidisciplinary Cooperation to Improve Middle-aged and Elderly Health and Vitality" respectively. Nestle, as a leading scientific and technological enterprise in the food industry that has been devoted to the research of breast milk components and the health of the middle-aged and elderly people for many years, chaired in-depth discussions at the two sub-forums.

As a world-renowned nutrition and health enterprise with a history of more than 150 years, Nestle has taken "nutrition" as one of its key elements as an NHW company. It has been innovating to produce food with high nutritional value at high-quality standards. While satisfying consumers' demand for good taste, Nestle also pays more attention to the promotion of health and continuously provides consumers with a food option that meet their expectations. At the same time, bearing the mission of creating a healthy environment together with consumers, Nestle has always been committed to enhancing consumers' awareness of healthy consumption by dissemination of nutritional health knowledge to the public.

Nestle has one of the world's largest private food and nutrition research organization, involving about 5,000 people in around 30 R&D centres worldwide. With nutrition at its core, Nestle R&D is committed to making the Nestle portfolio even tastier and healthier, to fulfil its purpose of enhancing the quality of life of people and contributing to a healthier future. In 2018, Nestle invested about CHF 1.7 billion in R&D. With three R&D centres and three product innovation centres in China, Nestle aims to improve innovative food and beverage products to meet the special nutritional needs of Chinese consumers in the future. Nestle's efforts will enable more consumers to access safe and high-quality products that are suitable for local nutritional needs.


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